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It’s not just what you know, but what you do that counts. Employers who invest in training see the benefits in their competitiveness and productivity, while employees are able to build a vital portfolio based on their work to maximise their potential and future career development.

CPD qualifications explained

ILM qualifications start at Level 2 and go up to Level 7, so from team leaders to senior managers we have the qualification for you.

Each level can be achieved at Award, Certificate or Diploma status depending on the amount of Credits gained at that level. Credits are awarded depending on the complexity of each Unit.

As a learner progresses up the levels of learning, Units become more complex and take longer to complete, with each Credit amounting to approximately 10 hours of study.

What do the levels mean?

Award, Diploma or Certificate?

Depending on how detailed the qualification is and how long it might take to complete, most qualifications fall into three sizes:

  • Awards are the shortest and most concise qualification, accounting for 10 to 120 hours of learning at a return of 1-12 credits.
  • Certificates (130 to 360 hours of learning) provide a broader base of knowledge and skills, and are awarded between 13 and 36 credits.
  • Finally, Diplomas are the most comprehensive qualification, with an extensive programme of learning amounting to over 370 hours of learning for 37 or more credits.

Use our interactive tool to help identify the right course for you, or browse our qualifications by subject. Once you have chosen the qualification that’s right for you, you can spend your time face-to-face with a training provider, or directed by a tutor in a structured learning environment, combined with your own self-study in preparation for work-based tasks and helping you plan your career development.

CPD Management Apprenticeships

Our apprenticeships blend leadership and management theory with on the job training to enable employers to nurture the next generation of leaders in transforming their organisations and careers. Read our latest report on coaching in the workplace

Management Apprenticeships

Leadership and management

As the UK’s leading management qualifications and training provider, we create leadership and management qualifications tailored to your needs that provide candidates with the tools needed to manage, motivate and inspire others.

Leadership qualifications

Coaching and mentoring

Through our coaching and mentoring qualifications, we help organisations create a workplace environment where individuals are empowered to make vital decisions with belief and confidence. These qualifications in turn improve team performance by giving you the toolkit to build relationships, set powerful goals, unlock staff potential, increase engagement and enable change within the workplace.

Coaching and mentoring

Business and enterprise

Planning to start your own business or looking to boost the profitability and performance of a new SME? Our business and enterprise qualifications take you through the steps to launching your successful start-up.

Business and enterprise

Specialist qualifications

Our range of specialist qualifications are tailored to meet the management development needs of sectors such as facilities management, sales management, volunteer management and management consultancy.

Specialist qualifications

Accreditation Alignment

On top of our standard qualifications, we support centres and HEI to enhance the potential and reputation of their own in-house programmes. Through Accreditation Alignment we offer them the possibility to add the irrefutable ILM quality mark next to their own certification.

Accreditation Alignment

Coaching and Mentoring Qualifications

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