This Policy and supporting documentation have been developed with input from our safeguarding professionals across our company and are built on existing policies in place. It is global in scope and covers all children, young people and vulnerable adults who receive a service from Company. It has been adopted by the company, the body within our company responsible for oversight of this policy.

Key objectives

Our primary consideration is to ensure that no learner is at risk of abuse or is actually harmed. Our key objectives are:

• Do all that we can to ensure that learners are not at risk of abuse in our schools/colleges and while receiving a service from us online or through a third party,
• Do all that we can to ensure that all learners are free from sexual harassment while within our schools/centres or while receiving a service from us online whether the harassment is from Company employees, peers or contractors; and
• Recognise and take appropriate action, when a child, young person or vulnerable adult might have been abused including in the community or family. In order to meet our objectives, we commit to:
• Comply with all relevant laws and regulations applicable in each country or State in which we operate,
• Set overarching principles to help our employees think about our safeguarding responsibilities and adopt global definitions of key terms,
• Define procedures and provide guidance on the safeguarding standards we expect and the actions our people should take to avoid risk and to respond to cases of abuse,
• Communicate our Policy and guidelines to our employees, contractors, parents and others interested in our approach including through publishing our policy on our corporate website.
• Ensure all our people are offered training to build their skills in avoiding, identifying, responding and reporting cases of harm,
• Monitor and document performance and share lessons within and outside Company; and
• Report all serious incidents to the Global Safeguarding Officer and where appropriate to safeguarding agencies.

We review our Policy at least every two years to ensure the commitments we make remain relevant to the scale and nature of Company operations around the World.