What are the benefits of CPD?

CPD has a multitude of advantages for employees and employers alike.

Advantages for employees include:

  • Increased confidence in abilities
  • Increased credibility
  • Ability to exemplify commitment to growth
  • Increased ability to reach career goals
  • Ability to cope with industry change by constantly updating skill set
  • Chance to fill in gaps in competencies and knowledge

Advantages for employers include:

  • Maximises staff potential
  • Promotes staff development
  • Creates better staff morale
  • Motivates workforce
  • Helps set objective organisational goals
  • Improves the firm’s competitiveness and profitability

The ultimate goal of CPD is to ensure that professionals remain competent throughout their career journey by keeping up to date with relevant information, knowledge, skills and training. Having rapidly increased in recent years, the importance of CPD is set to continue to grow as more and more employers beging to recognise the need to keep on top of rapid & significant changes in industry standards, technologies and customer needs.

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The CPD Accreditation Office has given a great recognition for the company as a whole and also reassurance to our customers.

John Cops